You are bigger than what’s pulling you down.

Shake the ashes off your wings and rise.

Fly.  SOAR.

~ Najwa Zebian ~

Welcome Phoenix!

This is a safe unconditionally supportive space to “unpack” the shame, guilt, fear, and helplessness that you may be feeling.  We create a space of compassion and help you find a place of confidence and resiliency to combat symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from Narcissistic Abuse Trauma.  Whether it is from a romantic relationship, toxic family members or friends.

I know this year has brought unexpected challenges and increased stress for you.  You have had to stay in survival mode, and then add in the fact that you may be currently dealing with the stressors of Narcissistic Abuse or a relationship that just is covered in toxicity.  You are trying to navigate all these emotions, self-doubts, fears, and anxiety when dealing with this person.    I understand the complexities of Narcissistic Abuse and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Anxiety.  First you are not a victim but a SURVIVOR.  You have gone through the process of feeling immense shame, anxiety, low self-esteem, sometimes the experience alone is unrelatable to your family or friends. Everyone’s story is different.  At the end of the day all you want is for someone to understand the extreme pain that you may go through daily and what it feels like when your relationship is a constant rollercoaster, or the anxiety and depression makes you feel lost, stuck, and burnt out. This year has brought the unwanted visitor of anxiety and depression to our doorstep as well.  We must combat a lot of unpredictable situations, feeling severe disconnection from our bodies and minds.  Anxiety and Depression can immobilize us from being, connecting and doing the important things in our lives. 


I guide people with coping with the aftermath of a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship to helping you learn to feel more grounded when dealing with anxiety or beginning to open spaces of light for depression to slowly evaporate from your life.   I empower you to find your voice and share your story from your trauma to begin to safely unpeel the layers of pain you have had to hold in your life for so long.   



I work with people that are currently in a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship or have recently ended a relationship with a Narcissistic partner or family member. I also guide clients in safely navigating a highly contentious separation or divorce.

I work with Adolescents and Adults in learning how to understand the complexities of depression, I help people through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy gain and master coping skills to manage their depressive symptoms.  


My work with Anxiety includes learning to increase mindfulness skills that can be applied to episodes of anxiety, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills to be able to safely tolerate anxiety.  I work very closely with guiding and teaching you very simple meditation techniques that can be applied on a day-to-day basis.  

My work with survivors is all trauma-based interventions, hearing your goals around how you would like to safely begin this work.  I utilize meditation, grounding techniques, DBT skills, breathing exercises, guided imagery, and yoga.


You have been struggling with so much and for that I am glad you want to consider therapy that alone is a courageous step. We are working on the ultimate project YOU! It is time to rebuild the foundation.  I would love to schedule a 15-minute consultation to hear more about your story and allow you space to ask more questions about how we can create a meaningful support team together.  Sessions with me can be done virtually or in person on a weekly basis to begin to lay the healing groundwork to begin addressing your goals.


Leaving a Narcissist is a process. It is not a quick fix but with the tools and insight that we create together you will begin to the feel the shifts in your life, stay connected to the work.  You do not have to live in a place of chaos and fear, you can create a life of stability, strength, pleasure and start receiving the deep and meaningful connections you so deserve. I am here to be that unconditional support, coach, therapist, and guide.

You will gain assertive communication skills, an ability to increase daily important self-care rituals, recognize and eliminate any toxicity from your life, make leaps and bounds in your self-worth and safely process your trauma. 

You do not have to feel like the Narcissist has taken your life "hostage."

I can help you gain momentum in gaining back your freedom and eliminating the toxicity from your life for good.

Learning to live with anxiety is a scary thing, it is hard to accept that as humans we will have this unwanted visitor sometimes just show up out of nowhere in our lives.  This last year has overstimulated our central nervous system so if you have been feeling like you have been living in a place of anxiety be compassionate with yourself.    Anxiety is a normal human emotion, some anxiety helps us perform and execute important tasks in our lives, but intrusive chronic anxiety is something that can leave us feeling mentally and physically fatigued, disconnected, and alone. 

We can get you to a place where you can have a healthy relationship with anxiety, learn to cope with it in ways that does not make you feel stuck or isolated.  Understand that anxiety can be managed in safe ways that once you begin to implement these tools in your life you will begin to feel more empowered to handle what life throws at us.

Anxiety and Depression are treatable, they are part of the human condition, but they don’t have to live or take up in your space and body to the point you cannot connect to the people you love, the things that you make you smile, and the future goals you want to achieve.

We have all experienced a collective trauma this year and then many of us have our own trauma history that we have been scared to share.  Trauma and the way it are assessed and treated currently has changed significantly.  Many people have been exposed to chronic traumatic events such as insecure attachments with our primary caregivers, environmental traumas, sexual, psychological, and physical.  EVERY trauma story should be able to be told in a safe holding space for a person. 

 I work with survivors of trauma to begin to create a voice to share their story with me around their trauma history.  We carefully work on creating trust, safety in our sessions.  I work with mindfulness, CBT, DBT and meditation skills.  

If all this year you did was survive than I am proud of you but like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes, it is time to gain your wings back so that you can soar!



Individual Pyschotherapy


Qualified Supervisor for Clinical Social Workers in Florida